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[SERVER-27413] Failed to insert values into an object field

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MongoDB Server

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When I insert objects into a list in an object field of a document, I get error message: Database error Write failed with error code 17280 and error message 'WiredTigerIndex :: insert: key too large to index What stands out is that the error only occurs with fields named 'aac'. Other object fields (in the images, the fields 'test', 'filters', 'aacc') allow insertion. I'm inserting dictionaries into lists that are in the object field. If you rename one of the fields to 'aac', the error occurs.

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thomas.schubert commented on Wed, 14 Dec 2016 15:46:33 +0000: Hi setsuna_bcl, This error indicates that in order to successfully insert this document, MongoDB would have to create a key in one of your indexes that is larger than 1024 bytes. In this case the error message indicates that it would be 1880 bytes long. I would recommend either dropping the index, or modifying your schema. Please note that SERVER project is for reporting bugs or feature suggestions for the MongoDB server. For MongoDB-related support discussion please post on the mongodb-users group or Stack Overflow with the mongodb tag. A question like this involving more discussion would be best posted on the mongodb-users group. Kind regards, Thomas

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