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[SERVER-28863] Coverity analysis defect 100734: Value not atomically updated

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MongoDB Server

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Non-atomic update of a concurrently shared value Defect 100734 (STATIC_C) Checker ATOMICITY (subcategory none) File: /src/mongo/db/storage/kv/kv_storage_engine.cpp Function mongo::KVStorageEngine::dropDatabase(mongo::OperationContext *, mongo::StringData) /src/mongo/db/storage/kv/kv_storage_engine.cpp, line: 217 Locking "this->_dbsLock". stdx::lock_guard<stdx::mutex> lk(_dbsLock); /src/mongo/db/storage/kv/kv_storage_engine.cpp, line: 221 Assigning data that might be protected by the lock to "entry". entry = it->second; /src/mongo/db/storage/kv/kv_storage_engine.cpp, line: 222 Unlocking "lk._M_device". "entry" might now be unreliable because other threads can now change the data that it depends on. } /src/mongo/db/storage/kv/kv_storage_engine.cpp, line: 243 Locking "this->_dbsLock" again. stdx::lock_guard<stdx::mutex> lk(_dbsLock); /src/mongo/db/storage/kv/kv_storage_engine.cpp, line: 244 Using an unreliable value of "entry" inside the second locked section. If the data that "entry" depends on was changed by another thread, this use might be incorrect. opCtx->recoveryUnit()->registerChange(new RemoveDBChange(this, db, entry));

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milkie commented on Fri, 6 Oct 2017 18:50:38 +0000: This turns out to be okay because the DB lock outside this function prevents other code from removing any db's from _db while dropDatabase is running.

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