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[SERVER-28873] SSL peer certificate validation fails

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MongoDB Server

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A customer reported that they were receiving error messages when trying to connect to Atlas using SSL from a Windows 2012r2 client running Mongo shell version 3.4.3. Error message was: 2017-04-18T16:11:02.280-0700 E NETWORK [thread1] SSL peer certificate validation failed: unable to get local issuer certificate The issue was fixed by manually adding the DigiCert intermediate certificate to their shell. As the problem was related to the certificate we use for Atlas it seems that the cert should already be loaded in the mongo shell. It appears that this may be a packaging problem for the Windows build of 3.4.3.

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jonathan.reams@10gen.com commented on Mon, 12 Jun 2017 19:24:57 +0000: I'm going to resolve this for now. This could be a bug that we should fix, or just an uncommon configuration problem that will always require a workaround. If this happens again, I'd be very curious to see whether the customer's certificate store was missing the root CA of our certificate.

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