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[SERVER-30661] Build with --wiredtiger=off fails on master branch

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MongoDB Server

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Since commit 8b2dab9bd if you try to build MongoDB with wiredTiger disabled (scons option --wiredtiger=off) the scons crashes with following stack trace: AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'startswith': File "/home/user/mongodb/mongo/SConstruct", line 3150: variant_dir='$BUILD_DIR', File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Script/SConscript.py", line 541: return _SConscript(self.fs, *files, **subst_kw) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Script/SConscript.py", line 250: exec _file_ in call_stack[-1].globals File "/home/user/mongodb/mongo/src/SConscript", line 24: env.SConscript('mongo/SConscript', exports=['env']) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Script/SConscript.py", line 541: return _SConscript(self.fs, *files, **subst_kw) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Script/SConscript.py", line 250: exec _file_ in call_stack[-1].globals File "/home/user/mongodb/mongo/src/mongo/SConscript", line 44: 'env', File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Script/SConscript.py", line 541: return _SConscript(self.fs, *files, **subst_kw) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Script/SConscript.py", line 250: exec _file_ in call_stack[-1].globals File "/home/user/mongodb/mongo/src/mongo/db/SConscript", line 866: "views/views_mongod", File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Environment.py", line 260: return MethodWrapper.__call__(self, target, source, *args, **kw) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Environment.py", line 224: return self.method(*nargs, **kwargs) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Builder.py", line 626: return self._execute(env, target, source, OverrideWarner(kw), ekw) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Builder.py", line 547: tlist, slist = self._create_nodes(env, target, source) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Builder.py", line 511: target, source = self.emitter(target=tlist, source=slist, env=env) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Builder.py", line 205: target, source = e(target, source, env) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Builder.py", line 339: target, source = emitter(target, source, env) File "/home/user/mongodb/mongo/site_scons/libdeps.py", line 253: prereq.target_node, lib_builder.get_prefix(env), lib_builder.get_suffix(env)) File "/usr/local/lib/scons-2.5.1/SCons/Util.py", line 1063: path, fn = os.path.split(os.path.normpath(fname)) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/posixpath.py", line 335: initial_slashes = path.startswith('/')

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xgen-internal-githook commented on Thu, 17 Aug 2017 21:48:49 +0000: Author: {'username': 'acmorrow', 'email': 'acm@mongodb.com', 'name': 'Andrew Morrow'} Message: SERVER-30661 Ignore non-truthy libdeps entries Branch: master https://github.com/mongodb/mongo/commit/7b5a6c25c0ac0aee0b1ab31d15af233096f3dd5b acm commented on Tue, 15 Aug 2017 19:36:00 +0000: Thank you for the bug report igorsol. I can reproduce this behavior and will work on a fix. igorsol commented on Tue, 15 Aug 2017 15:34:36 +0000: affected versions are 3.5.10 and newer

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