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How to Migrate the Veeam ONE Database

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This article documents the procedure for migrating the Veeam ONE database.


Destination SQL Server Preparation Review the Microsoft SQL Server for Veeam ONE System Requirements to ensure that the destination SQL Server is compatible. Ensure the Veeam ONE service account has the required permissions on the destination SQL server. If needed, review: Changing Veeam ONE Service Account If the account assigned to the Veeam ONE services cannot be used to connect to the destination SQL server, an SQL Authentication account must be created and assigned the required permissions. That SQL Authentication account must be used to configure the database connection in Step 5 of the migration.   Veeam ONE Database Migration Stop the Veeam ONE services. Back up the Veeam ONE database. Restore the Veeam ONE database to the new SQL server. Launch the Veeam ONE Settings utility. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Veeam\Veeam ONE Settings\VeeamOneSettings.exe Update Database SQL Server connection settings. Click the Test button to check whether the new configuration settings are correct. Click the Save button to save changes. Start the Veeam ONE services.   Post Migration Tasks Source SQL Instance Clean-Up [Optional] The old VeeamONE database in the old SQL Instance may be removed after successfully completing the migration. [SQL License Dependant] If the old SQL Instance was licensed (non-express), Veeam ONE-related jobs may still exist under SQL Server Agent > Jobs and must be removed manually.   Destination SQL Instance Performance Optimization [Recommended, but SQL License Dependant] If the destination SQL Instance where the Veeam ONE database was migrated to runs a licensed version (non-express) of SQL, create the index defragmentation maintenance job using this script. After creating the VeeamONE Maintenance Job_VeeamONE job, find it under SQL Server Agent > Jobs and enable it. [Recommended, but Very Rare Scenario] If the migrated Veeam ONE Database was first created using Veeam ONE version 9 or older, review KB4175 for details on implementing database partitioning. This scenario can only occur if Veeam ONE was first installed using version 9 or older and then the same VeeamONE database was used during upgrades as new versions of Veeam ONE were released.

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If you have any questions, create a Veeam Support case.

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