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Veeam | kb1778

There is no FIB [summary.xml] in the specified restore point

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Veeam Backup & Replication

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During a job run or a restore, the following error occurs: There is no FIB [summary.xml] in the specified restore point. FIB in this error stands for File In Backup.


This error occurs when the file summary.xml is not found within the restore point. This may occur for several reasons; the most common causes are an unstable connection to or lack of free space on the Repository.


If this error occurs during a job run, the quickest way to get the job back into an operational state is to start a new backup chain by forcing the job to create a new Active Full. While this will not correct the issue impacting the existing restore points, it will ensure that the job can promptly return to making new ones.   If the error occurs during a restore operation, please create a case with Veeam Support. It may be possible to extract data from the restore point. However, it's important to note that the environmental issue that prevented the summary.xml from being written into the restore point is likely to have also resulted in the corruption of the restore point.

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