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Job's Next Run Date Doesn't Match Schedule

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Veeam Backup & Replication

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The 'Next Run' date shown for a job does not match the settings selected in the Schedule tab of the job. For example, a job configured to run Monthly on the last Saturday displays a 'Next Run' date of the upcoming Saturday, which is not the last Saturday of the month.


This occurs when periodic Synthetic or Active fulls have been enabled, and their schedule does not match the Schedule tab. When either periodic Full option is enabled, they operate on a sub-scheduler to meet the requested operational outcome. As long as a Schedule has been enabled, they will automatically run on the selected schedule to ensure the requested full is created on the date configured. For the example shown in the Challenge section, the following settings are selected within the Storage > Advanced Settings: The option for Synthetic fulls was enabled and set to occur weekly on Saturdays.


As an alternative solution, the option for periodic fulls may be disabled, forcing the job to operate in "Forever Forward Incremental" mode. However, for jobs with large gaps between runs, the change to Forever Forward Incremental should only be made after understanding how this will impact the restore points and their interdependencies. For example, a Job configured to run monthly and create a full restore point for each month will use more space, but each month's full restore point is independent of the other months. Conversely, that same monthly job using Forever Forward Incremental would create an incremental each month., capturing only the changes since the last run. This means that each month's increment would be dependent upon each previous month's incremental restore point.

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