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How to Simulate Veeam Backup & Replication Disk I/O

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This article provides examples of using common workload simulators (diskspd and fio) to simulate Veeam Backup & Replication disk I/O.

About the Tools

This article provides examples using two common tools for benchmarking and simulating disk workloads: diskspd Diskspd is a command-line tool  commonly used with Windows-based environments for storage subsystem testing and performance validation. DiskSpd GitHub Page DiskSpd Documentation Download DiskSpd *There have been reports that the latest version of DiskSpd may not work with Server 2012 R2 and that DiskSpd 2.0.21a should be used instead. Note: While DiskSpd is available for Linux, fio is included in this article because it is easier to installDiskSpd for Linux must be compiled, whereas fio binaries are available for most Linux distros through their package manager. and more commonly used.


In the sections below, you will find different activities Veeam Backup & Replication performs, and examples of how the I/O load they cause can be simulated using diskspd or fio.

More information

FAQ Can diskspd be used to stress-test NAS boxes for reliability? ("specified network name is no longer available" errors in Veeam) Unfortunately, no. If the SMB share disappears, diskspd will ignore that issue. It is better to use Wireshark. I am getting extremely high I/O speed, like 4 GB/s, in any test I try, even though I have set the -Sh flag; what's going on? Most likely, you're running diskspd on a Hyper-V VM, testing the performance of a virtualized (.vhdx) disk, so the Hyper-V host caches the data. Run the test on the datastore where that .vhdx is located instead.

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