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Packet Capture Use Examples

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This article provides examples of commands for packet capture in Windows (using tshark) and Linux (using tcpdump). This can be useful when testing connectivity and specific ports outside of Veeam software components, which is necessary to isolate network connectivity or throughput issues as part of other troubleshooting. Note: tshark is a component of Wireshark and installed using the same installer.


Limitations and Considerations The tshark examples below are formatted for the PowerShell console and may fail if used in a Command Prompt. The use case examples filter based on IP address. You'll need to update them with the correct source and destination IP addresses for the traffic you are attempting to capture. If a machine has more than one NIC with an IP address, you'll need to update the examples using the IP associated with the NIC that handles the traffic you are attempting to capture. In the use case examples, some examples have a placeholder for the port, and you'll need to review the Ports list to identify the correct port for the traffic you are attempting to capture. The packet captures require that you specify an interface name or number. To check the interface identifiers: For Windows: .\tshark.exe -D For Linux: ip a

More Information

Usage Tips When capturing data on a specific port, you can test if that port is accepting incoming traffic and that the capture is capturing that traffic by using the techniques documented in KB4444: How to Test Port Connectivity. It is possible to capture packets on multiple interfaces; review the manual for the tool you are using for more information.

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