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Veeam Service Provider Console – Compile and Upload Management Agent Logs

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This article covers how to properly compile your Veeam Service Provider Console Management Agent logs (for both client agents and the Cloud Connect agent), as well as uploading logs when submitting a technical support case. Logs may be required for either client management agents or for the Cloud Connect server management agent. For information about collecting logs for the VSPC server itself, visit: KB2773: Veeam Service Provider Console – Compile and Upload Server Logs. All complete list of log collections options and methods is available in the Veeam Service Provider Console User Guide > Downloading Logs.


Export Management Agent Logs To export Veeam Service Provider Console Management Agent logs for one or more client agents, please: Log into the Veeam Service Provider Console UI and navigate to Discovery > Discovered Computers. Select the client machines from which you would like to export logs from the list of managed computers. Select the Management Agent drop-down list in the top bar and select Download Logs.

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Alternatively, you may manually collect client or Cloud Connect management agent logs from the following location on the managed machine: Windows C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Veeam Availability Console\Log\Agent\ Linux or Mac  /var/log/veeamma/ The directory will contain log files for both the client agent and the Cloud Connect agent. The engineer assigned to your case will inform you which agent logs are needed for troubleshooting.

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