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Veeam | kb3215

Error "Failed to establish connection to Amazon S3 endpoint" or "Azure Cloud connection has returned an untrusted certificate."

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Veeam Backup & Replication

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When attempting to add an Object Storage Repository or use an existing Object Storage Repository the following errors occur: Connection to Amazon S3 object storage fails with the following error: Failed to load Amazon S3 Compatible configuration: Failed to establish connection to Amazon S3 Compatible endpoint. See logs for details.


This issue occurs when the machine accessing the object storage has insufficient internet access to verify that the certificate used by the object storage has not been revoked in the CA's CRL (Certificate Revocation List).


Identify the Machine Initiating the Connection to the Object Storage To troubleshoot the certificate errors, you must first determine which machine attempted to initiate the connection with the object storage. Check the connection mode settings for the object storage repository. An Object Storage repository's connection type can be configured for 'Direct' or 'Through a gateway server'; the default is Direct. As explained in the Connection Type window: Direct - Backup proxies and agents will connect directly to object storage.In this case, agents also refers to products like Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows and Veeam Agent for Linux.For the Direct mode, ensure backup proxies and backup agents have direct network access to object storage. Through a gateway server - The backup server will automatically determine the most suitable gateway server from the list.

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