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How to Deploy FLR Relay Proxy

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This article documents how to use your own TLS certificate during a file-level restore to secure communication between the web browser on a local machine and the Veeam Backup browser on a worker instance. This can also be used when you want the Veeam Backup browser link to be static and include your own public DNS name instead of a public DNS name of a worker instance.


Summary To use your own TLS certificate during file-level restore and have the static Veeam Backup browser link: In AWS CloudFormation, deploy and configure an EC2 instance that will act as an FLR relay proxy. In stack settings, you will need to specify the path to the TLS certificate and desired public DNS name. To obtain the stack template file, contact Veeam Customer Support. In worker instance settings, specify the FLR relay proxy for each AWS region where you plan to perform file-level restore. During file-level restore, Veeam Backup for AWS will route traffic to and from the launched worker instance through the specified FLR relay proxy.

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Should you have any questions on FLR relay proxy deployment or configuration, please contact Veeam Customer Support.

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