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Veeam | kb4154

My Account Portal: "No licenses can be found for your account"

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After logging in to the My Account portal, the "No licenses can be found for your account" message is shown on the "Production licenses" page.


This issue commonly occurs because either (a) there are multiple companies associated with your Veeam Account and you need to switch which company's licenses you are attempting to view or (b) your Veeam Account is not correctly associated with you company on the backend. At the top of the My Account portal you will see the name of the company that you are currently viewing information for. If there is a down arrow "▼" next to the company name click the company name and switch to the correct company.

More Information

License Management Section - Minimum Browser Width The License Management section of the My Account portal has a minimum browser width requirement. If you attempt to view this section with a browser that is too narrow or if the page is zoomed in excessively, you will encounter the following message:  This functionality is unavailable on mobile devices. Please switch to the desktop. This issue can occur even when you are not viewing the page on a mobile device. To resolve this, you can either widen your browser window, zoom out, or switch to a browser on a device with a higher screen resolution.

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