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Veeam ONE Database Partitioning

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This article documents the procedure for implementing database partitioning to improve the performance of Veeam ONE deployments where the database in use was first created using Veeam ONE 9.x or older. Starting with Veeam ONE version 10, all newly deployed Veeam ONE databases are already configured with partitioning. However, Veeam ONE deployments that were upgraded from the older versions (8.x, 9.x) do not have database partitioning automatically applied. For such databases, database partitioning must be applied manually.


Check Database Partitioning State Use the following SQL query to check the current database partitioning implementation state. The output message will advise you on what actions need to be taken.

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Historical note: This article uses the qualifier "Modern" in reference to the Veeam ONE 10 and newer implementation of database partitioning to differentiate from the optional database partitioning scheme that was available for Veeam ONE versions 8.x and 9.x. The optional database partitioning method that was created for Veeam ONE 8.x and 9.x, was functionally quite different than the method used by Veeam ONE version 10 and newer, and is now referred to as the Legacy Database Partitioning to differentiate it from the method used by Veeam ONE version 10 and newer, which this article refers to as Modern Database Partitioning.

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